IntroComp 2014 Results

Here are the results of this year’s IntroComp…

The Cuckold’s Egg, by Daniel Ravipinto

Second Place:
The Scroll Thief, by Daniel M. Stelzer

Third Place:
The Terrible Doubt of Appearances, by Buster Hudson

In random order…
Hornets’ Nest, by jason lautzenheiser
Tales of the Soul Thief, by David Whyld
Mount Imperius, by kaleidofish
1st and Last of the Ninjas, by nmelssx
The Devil in the Details, by Jerry Ford
Bridges and Balloons, by Molly Geene
Going Down, by Hanon Ondricek

A transcript of the awards ceremony will be posted this evening to

Thanks to all who entered, tested, played, voted, and reviewed games!

Thanks to Jacqueline for organising the comp. I know from personal experience what a pain organising comps is.

Not such a good result for me this year but I had fun writing my game so that’s something. Who knows, I might even get this entry finished one day (third time entering the comp and still not finished any of the games I’ve entered which isn’t good going). I didn’t get around to playing all the games, but of the ones I played I quite liked Bridges & Balloons and I’ll (hopefully) get around to writing reviews at some point.

Yours was my favorite out of all of them. And that’s saying something, because I awarded three 10s.

Glad to see you in it, David. I hope you manage to finish one of your started games, too. I know I rode you pretty hard in my review, but I’m confident you’ll be able to sit down and tackle things.

I’m really interested in seeing any of these games have at least an update. It’d be neat if people were able to do this post-Introcomp, even if it wasn’t complete. I still have high hopes for Akkoteaque to complete, and I do want to see where some of the other games will go.

Oh, and maybe I’ll finish my partial game for next year. I’d be interested in what people have to say.

ETA: yeah, I want to add reviews at And I’d be interested in other people’s reviews, too, up at IFDB or at their own blogs, even though the comp is over. I know it was cool to see reviews after IFComp, as an entrant there, and I bet the participants would enjoy them too. Or transcripts, still.

Oh, I didn’t find your review harsh. Quite helpful in parts actually. My problem is that I have a tendency to bite off more than I can chew and after all these years, I still haven’t got any better at hitting deadlines. When I first started working on my IntroComp entry, I had months left so I didn’t work on it very much at all. I did a bit here, a bit there and worked on half a dozen other things as well, then all of a sudden the deadline was looming, my entry consisted of nothing more than a few locations and I had no idea how it was even going to end. So most of it was written in a hush, hence the problems people have noted with it. A good deal of them would have been fixed if I’d given myself enough time to get it tested properly beforehand but I didn’t. Maybe next year I’ll do better.

I intend to get the game finished, though, just as I intend to get Best Laid Plans finished at some point. It’s come on quite a way since the IntroComp last year but it’s still quite a long way from being finished. Hopefully sometime next year it’ll see light of day.