IntroComp 2014 Is Now Open for Votes! [Deadline: Aug 15]


I’m pleased to announce that IntroComp 2014 is now underway. Ten introductions are ready for your perusal!

Find the files and login to vote at

Please keep in mind the voting & judging rules:

Authors may not vote.

Beta testers are allowed to vote, but only on games they did not test.

Everyone else in the entire world may vote on as many or as few entries as they like, on the usual 1-10 scale (10 being the best). However, they are asked to judge games with one thought in mind, and one alone: “How much do I want to play more of this entry?” It is hoped that you’ll vote in good faith and on an introduction’s merit, as opposed to a show of support for a particular author, genre, or platform.

Reviews may be posted during the voting period, but authors must refrain from discussing any entries in a public Internet forum during the voting period and may not canvass for votes. It is also expected that no one will canvass for votes on the authors’ behalf. Once the competition has begun, authors should refrain from posting their thoughts on any entry until the deadline for voting has passed. (If you’re worried about a blog or forum post, just run in it past me before posting it and I’ll let you know whether or not it violates the spirit of the rules.)

When voters vote, they’ll be asked to not only vote with a rating reflecting how much they’d like to see the author finish the entry, they’ll also be asked (but not required) to enter anonymous text with (at least) one positive thought and one constructive criticism on each game. These will be held privately by the admins and then distributed to authors immediately following the awards ceremony. This is a great suggestion from the 2011 competition that we hope will provide authors with even more feedback … because feedback has always been considered to be the true prize of IntroComp.

Thanks for participating in this year’s IntroComp!

  • Jacqueline

Best of luck to everyone who entered.

Oh, wow, we have a “scroll thief” and a “soul thief”. That was completely unintentional. [emote]:P[/emote]

I look forward to playing all the other entries!

Reading the blurbs, I can see this is going to be a great year for IntroComp!

Also, “The Terrible Doubt of Appearances” sounds like the name of a river in Dwarf Fortress.

I definitely should have called my game “Scrolls of the Soul Thief” or “Soul of the Scroll Thief’s Soul”. A missed opportunity there.

Scrawled Thief
Scroll Thief
Skoal Thief
Soul Thief
Sew Thief
O Thief

I think a simple triangulation with “Soul Scroll” would be neat.

But heck, why stop there? Add pen names into the act!

Soul Scroll by Ross James
Scroll Thief by James Michael
Soul Thief by Ross Michael

(Note: bonus points for titles labeled A-B, B-C and C-A.)

This could cue a totally awesome meta-puzzle, too. I don’t have any idea what that puzzle could be, but I’m sure there are possibilities.

Good to see CYS making another appearance.