IntroComp 2013 — Awards on ifMUD Sunday at 2pm EST

Hi. I just realized I’d posted the date, but not the actual time, of the awards ceremony for IntroComp. Sorry 'bout that!

The awards will be at 2pm EST, on Sunday, August 18th, in the auditorium on ifMUD.

The auditorium can be found by logging on, then entering “XYZZY. S. E.”

Information on the ifMUD can be found at:
…and there’s a beginner’s ifMUD FAQ at:

And if you can’t make it, no worries. The results will be posted here and to the IntroComp site after the awards ceremony. Authors will also receive the feedback that voters left on their ballots at that time.

(An addendum for the curious: we may or may not play the games on ClubFloyd afterward. It will depend on how many people are present who haven’t yet played the games. I suspect that most Floyders have already played them in order to vote, and that we thus won’t have enough fresh eyes to merit playing them as a group, but we’ll see.)

See you Sunday,

  • Jacqueline

To clarify, I mean EDT. Basically, be there at the top of the hour after I’m posting this. In roughly 48 minutes. Thanks!