IntroComp 2012 Preliminary Announcement

Hello, everyone.

Though the website will not be updated for a few days yet because I am traveling, I wanted to make your May Day by posting the deadlines for the 2012 IntroComp, should you be mulling over the idea of entering.

Intents to enter will be due by the end of the month of May, introductions due by the end of June, voting will be in July (with a voting period length determined by the number of entries).

The rules for the introductions themselves won’t change from previous years, though there will be some slight changes to the voting process and possibly also some slight changes to the awards. Stay tuned for another announcement about the website being updated, because all intents to enter will be taken by signing up at the site (as opposed to e-mail). I anticipate the website will be updated early next week. In the interim, you can cruise by for last year’s rules (which will not be precisely the same, but will give you the general idea if you’re new to the concept) at

For ideas of how people have approached this competition in the past, check out the ifwiki for the comp:

More soon!

  • Jacqueline


I am planning to write a game which consists of a series of interconnected but self-contained short episodes. I am not sure if this is a worthwhile endeavor, and so IntroComp seems like a natural and intended competition to try this out. I wonder if this would be in the spirit of the comp. What I would submit would not be an intro, but rather a complete episode of what may become a longer series of episodes, released as one game.

Would this be acceptable?

Be well,