IntroComp 2012 - Final Results

For those who were unable to join us for the awards ceremony today, here are the results of the 2012 IntroComp:

1st place: Resonance, by Nereida Scales
2nd place: Compliance, by Chris Conley
3rd place: Belief, by Justin de Vesine

Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order):
The Bafflingly Casual Adventures of No One of Significant Import, by Robb Kinnison
Genesis, by I.B.
Wasteland by Taylor Melton and Alex Tocco

Authors will soon receive the anonymous comments that were entered on the voting form by voters.

Thanks, everyone, for your participation. See you (hopefully) in 2013.

Best regards,

  • Jacqueline

Congratulations to Nereida, Justin, and all of the entrants! I hope we’ll get some good games out of this contest.

I second that. Congratulations!

On a sidenote, it was my first real visit to the ifMUD yesterday, and it was a nice experience!

Congrats to all who entered. Disappointed I missed the IFMud awards ceremony. Hopefully a year from now we can say congrats to everyone for completing their games!