IntroComp 2012 Entries Released, Voting Open

An update - Robb Kinnison’s game, The Bafflingly Casual Adventures of No One of Significant Import, is now available to play online at …

This is the exact same version that was released via download at the opening of the competition, but since Quest is a Windows-only platform some players thought it would be cool to post the game online for better access by other platforms. Alex Warren was willing to host it (thanks, Alex), but it took us a few days to get Robb’s permission and for me to post this announcement due to having been out of town. But there it is, so for you Linux and Mac and Chrome OS users who thought you were done, you still have one more IntroComp entry to play…

Thanks, everyone for posting reviews and such. Asking authors questions, such as ‘why is this in glulx not z-code’ or asking for a hint is fine, as is authors responding to those questions, and even thanking people for posting reviews is okay, but let’s be careful of the line beyond that, keeping in mind the rule that authors must refrain from discussing any entries in a public Internet forum during the voting period and may not canvass for votes.

Have a great day, everyone - thanks to those of you playing the entries and writing reviews.


  • Jacqueline

Another update!

Due to my work travel schedule, I will not be able to do the awards ceremony this weekend and will have to bump it to August 26. My apologies to the authors for delaying the suspense - but this also means I’ve extended the voting deadline until August 25th, so hopefully it will mean even more votes as well.

Thanks, everyone!

I’m quite happy to see this & hope others who’d hoped to judge everything enjoy the reprieve & maybe throw a few reviews into this topic too.