Interview with Aaron Reed of Blue Lacuna

Hello, all! I’m new to the IF community, though I hope to be around for a long time.

Had a great interview with Aaron Reed last week. Convinced me to start getting into Interactive Fiction on a daily basis. If you’re interested in checking it out, go here. Any hits to it are great because it helps show the site that people are interested in Interactive Fiction and may land more interviews in the future or convince more sites to start featuring IF material and updates.

But only click if you really are interested in the subject! I’m not trying to garner popularity, or anything.

I’m working on my own IF game now, with the help of Aaron Reed’s book. While probably most of the people here are beyond that point, if any newcomers happen along this thread, I highly recommend it! It’s a great way to introduce anyone to all the features that Inform 7 has to offer.

Thanks for posting the interview! Very cool.

Ditto – I especially enjoyed the background about Progue’s character creation, which I don’t think I’d seen or heard Aaron talk about before.

Thanks for the thanks! Aaron Reed was a great person to talk to. I did my homework and read his other interviews and then tried to pick questions that hadn’t been covered before. He took it the extra mile, giving really in depth answers. Honestly, I could’ve talked to him for another hour.

Those were truly intelligent questions, and, mainly, the whole of the interview “sounded” like a conversation, which is difficult stuff to achieve - and rare.

And I’m with Emily: reading about Rogue was very interesting. There’s always something thrilling in knowing about someone’s creative process.

If you guys really liked the interview, may I suggest linking to it on your blogs? I think it’s important for the IF community to promote itself in whatever way it can! It leads to awesome things happening like what’s going on with Andrew Plotkin right now (in case you don’t know, you can read about it below).

Of course, my intention isn’t to ask for promotion for myself. If you don’t feel like promoting the interview will do anything except increase the hit count for me, then please don’t post it! I certainly don’t want to misrepresent myself as a shameless marketer. I do think I’m in a unique position to start promoting IF news and information, though, so if ever you hear anything that you think is newsworthy, let me know and I’ll write up an article for the community!

Jonathan Stark, I presume?

Good interview. I linked it on Twitter a couple days back.

Maybe put some links in your profile on here, as well? I went there to check out more stuff from you and found no further guide to what you’ve been posting. Obviously on the Gameroni blog, yes, but hey the profiles are here on this site why not use them to point to your stuff as well?


I didn’t want to come off like I was just joining here to advertise my work. As I’ve said here, I’m really interested in becoming a part of the community and then promoting it through my various channels.

Thinking about it, I guess there’s no harm in putting stuff in my profile.