Interpreter problems

So far I’ve encountered the following issues with interpreters running Dialog:

Special characters used in languages other than English seem to cause problems in some cases, in combination with Dialog Files compiled to z-code.


  • Fizmo crashed with message to use an alternative interpreter (Dialog compiler) and I think this is true für both, english and non-english stories
  • Yazmin doesnt recognize input commands with non-ANSII charaters (Dialog compiler), only non-english stories


  • Iphone Frotz crashes when typing “erz” (Dialog compiler), you have to type this in non-capital letters and the crahs occurs when typing “z”; I didn’t find yet other combinations of charaters that cause the system to crash

On OSX (Catalina), Lectrote seems to work fine with the Dialog component.
I think this might affect not all other foreign languages which use non-ASCII character sets.

I just wanted to report this and would be glad if the maintainers of the interpreters could work on a fix.

Yours sincerely
– Mikawa

There is currently limited support for input of international characters when compiling to the Z-machine. It’s on my todo-list. Anything in the default extended charset of the Z-machine (see Table 1) should work for both input and output, and all other characters should work for output.

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I’m only speaking of characters inside the Table 1, like ä ü ö ß, and the problem with Iphone Frotz has nothing to do with umlauts or extended chars.

I have to correct myself: the problem with Iphone Frotz seems to have something to do with umlauts in source code though the command line itself with three letters “erz” (all non-capital) which causes the crash has no umlauts in it. Very strange. An english story file does not crash.

Have you tried the latest unix frotz (v2.50)? It supports UTF-8 input and output, a big improvement over previous versions.

This is a good point, thank you, I’ll try unix frotz.

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