Internal recipe book for crafting, yay or nay?

i eventually want to implement crafting for my dungeon crawling roguelite when it gets out of beta mode. i know theoretically that Inform 7 can do anything, but im wondering how much of a headache it would be to add. im willing to do it anyway, though. how complicated would it be? should i add it to the beginning of every level but the player cannot see it unless they find an in game guide or something? i want there to be some way i can store all the crafting recipes in the code. no code (for now), please.

like, i want there to be ore and raw materials you can break down and throw into a crafting machine to make other elements, weapons, potions, medkits, etc. i’d obviously need a recipe book to keep track of everything.

Well, how exactly do you want your crafting system to work? Something like a table mapping recipes to results is entirely doable; it mostly comes down to the details.