Interesting difference between frobTads compiler and win32

Not so much a question as an interesting observation.

Tads3 compiler on win32 seems to require that sources files exist in the same directory (or just above, as in extensions) as the library file itself. On making custom tl files, it seems that even if I give it a full path tads won’t except a source in a library.

Frobtads, on the other hand, doesn’t seem to care. If you give it the full path to each source, it compiles fantastically. This isn’t a huge deal, until you’re in a situation when you don’t want to copy source files all over the place (especially on somebody else’s device).


That is interesting. Not sure what’s going on with that. Could be a bug in the Windows-specific implementation of the directory and file search routines. I cannot find anything in the sources that would suggest that the library parser is actively trying to disallow source files that aren’t under the same directory tree (or at one above it.)

I’ll poke Mike Roberts about this.

There are differences between forward-slash and backslash characters that affect Windows vs. Mac file directory paths. Are you sure this isn’t the source of the difficulty?

Yeah, forgot about that slash/backslash thing. Make sure you’re using slashes (/) rather than backslashes () in both Windows as well as OSX or Linux.

Derp! Yup, that was the problem. Stupid slashes…