Interest in an IF reading group/book club?

See title. One thing I enjoy about other media - books, movies, games - is talking about it with other people. However, the IF scene feels very fragmented, and for a reasonably light player like me the chance that I’m playing the same game as any other person is very low. Kind of like with books, where you face the same problem of Too Much Content.

Traditionally, the solution to this is a book club. So! Here’s an interest check. Post below or DM me if you’d be down for that kind of thing. It’d probably be on a weekday, US Pacific evenings, not more than once every other week but most likely more like…once a month, maybe. Who knows? No obligation or anything, this is just me putting out feelers.


Face to face (virtual) or via some sort of asynchronous messaging?

We live in quite a few time zones.

Count me in!

Good question. Possibly a combination of both? I.e. have a discord server set up for asynchronous discussion and use it for a monthly voice/video meeting for anyone that can make it.

I know that I am generally bad at games and would like a resource to ask for help on the game of the month, or else I’d risk getting stuck halfway through and having nothing to talk about when the meeting rolls around.


Sounds like a good plan. Count me in if you get it started.

Face-to-face (well, virtual face-to-face) - it’s why I specific US Pacific evenings, though that can reasonably comfortably cover most US times.

I think my idea was to run it in a semi-structured way, where before the session, I (or whoever else) could do a quick guided tour through the game for anybody who played through fast/couldn’t finish, and then folks could talk about it afterwards. So, it might look something like 20-40 minutes of a guided playthrough/game summary, then people talking for as long as they’re interested.


I’d definitely be interested, and I think the model of doing it in-person with a linked Discord makes sense – please loop me in!

It’s a lovely idea, although I’d never make a meeting over here (in GMT). I’d be interested in the Discord or whatever.


That sounds like a great idea! I’d be interested in participating (if that’d be ok)-- would I required to have my camera on, though? In any case, I’d definitely be interested, at least in the discord discussion :slight_smile:

Great idea! I’m interested too.

Are you familiar with ClubFloyd? I’ve never been part of it myself but they do live playthroughs of IF games.

Someone more regular can probably tell you if it’s active right now.

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Yeah, Club Floyd’s still going! It tends to be almost exclusively parser, though, and to be honest, setting up and navigating the MUD is not trivial. It’s still a good time, if you like playing parser games.

Well, I default to camera-on, but I’m not gonna yell at you if you’d prefer not to.

Anyways, re: Discord, made a server, DM me if interested.

Also, here’s a Doodle poll regarding times for the first meeting. Please fill it out, if you’re interested. Now I guess I need to go find a game.


Okay, so, I’ve made the executive decision to pick Coloratura - Details (2013) by Lynnea Glasser as the first game. It’s available both in parser and Twine forms, both of which are linked from the IFDB entry. It’s probably worth it to try playing both and comparing them. It should be about or under two hours, I think.

Glasser also wrote a lot of content on her site about the making of the game: Made Real Stories: Coloratura - spoilers, so don’t go there until you’ve played the game.


All right, set the date for Wednesday, January 26, 5:00 pm-7:00 pm Pacific.

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