Interest in a category for tools/systems?

Dave C. noticed that there is an “Authoring” group and a “Playing” group, but nothing specific to developing new IF systems, interpreters, tools, extensions, etc. I think recent discussions in those areas have happened under one of the “Authoring” boards.

Would there be any interest in a having a new category of “Tools” boards – one for new systems, one for extensions, one for interpreters, etc? Would a single new board under “authoring” called “Tool, Interpeter, and Extension Development” be enough? Or is anything like that even needed at the current level of traffic?

Feedback appreciated.

I think one board would work like you said. I’m not sure there ever would be enough traffic for a few sub-boards on that topic.

One new board makes sense.

Single new entry makes sense, I’d say.

Okay, then I’m going to add a board under “Authoring” and move any obvious applicable topics to it to get it jump-started.


The new forum has been added to “authoring” and I’ve moved as many applicable topics as I could find to help seed it.

I can see the liklihood of there being some hazy, gray areas when it comes to what belongs there and what doesn’t, but we’ll see how it goes. For instance, discussion about a TADS or Inform extension or tool may belong, unless it’s a discussion on how to write IF using the extension. Also, some discussions on interpreters or mapping tools might also make sense in the “Getting Started Playing IF” board. New users may not think to look in the “tools” forum if they’re looking for help on getting started playing or authoring. So yeah, we’ll see how it goes. :slight_smile: