Interactive Taxonomy of Narrative Choices (Clara Fernandez-Vara via Twitter)

Here’s the direct link to the examples:


What a fantastic way to present this material! I can think of a couple of other types of choices that I don’t think fit into this taxonomy: sequencing choices and tactical choices.

Sequencing choices are alluded to in Takeaway 2 (“Choice-based narratives can also encourage players to explore a story and put it together like a puzzle”), but I don’t see anything like them in the list (unless Weak Narrative Choice is meant to cover this, but I don’t think it fits the bill). The narrative can shift significantly depending on what order choices are taken. Some might even be skipped. Imagine the movie Interstellar if they hadn’t chosen to visit the high-gravity planet first, for example.

Tactical choices are common in stories from Choice of Games. The player is encouraged to commit to a certain play style (e.g. stealth vs. confrontation). One choice will be better than another, but not in an Unfair way if the player is consistent (or monitoring their stats).

Perhaps an example of this would be Dead Man’s Fiesta from IFComp 2018 where the player chooses where to drive and can experience the resulting story sequences in a different order, and some subsequent choices (I think) vary based on the order due to the time of day.

The CoG “style” sort of overlaps with RPGs, but instead of changing combat skills, the reader is choosing how they experience the narrative, often with early choices equivalent to a character-class which informs later decisions which build upon that negatively or positively.