Interactive Illustrated Stories for Kids - Feedback please?


I’ve had an app developed for kids. It’s like illustrated choose your own adventure stories. Basically, as a third-grade teacher, I was trying to figure out how to make reading more fun for kids and compete with devices…I think this will work.

The app is starting with 9 stories, but I have 20 written. Just waiting to earn some money so I can start paying to have the others stories illustrated.

Here is a link to the Android Best version-

And here is a link to the iOS Beta Version. - (you will need TestFlight to install it).

If you have any suggestions or feedback (or ideas about how to spread word and market it), I’d be much obliged. I’ve put a lot of time/effort into this , and now I’m nervous about how it is.

Thank you!


Do you have some screenshots? I have trust issues of installing an app with no further info. Also, I thought Twine is standard for these kind of thing. Any difference between the two?

Sure. I’ll post some later with a video.

Twine…I dunno. I’ve never used it. Can it be used to make apps for iOS and android?

Stories (games) written using Twine become a Web page which can be viewed, read, or run by most browsers under Android, iOS, iPadOS, Linux and Windows.

Although they can be translated into executable programs, that’s unnecessary. As a result, they don’t need to be installed in any of the proprietary Microsoft, Google or Apple Stores.

There are several Web services which host Twine stories, including, and Some are free while others provide monetization services.

Let’s try this again.

Here’s a youtube link to one of the stories that can be ‘played’.

Yeah…I was making mine more like a traditional Choose your own adventure book, but with illustrations for kids.

Here’s a youtube link…

That preview looks very good. Obviously a lot of work and artistic skill has gone into it.

I do think, however, that (as shown) the font size is somewhat small for reading on a smartphone. Hopefully it adjusts to the screen size. Also, I’ve found that overlaying text on a picture can have readability problems when the color of the text has the same color as that region of the picture.

What software did you use to implement the story’s structure and user interface?

FWIW, Twine (in conjunction with an appropriate “story format”) could be used to implement a story which provides that same experience, in both appearance and user interface.

Second on small font size. I find that keeping font size to Close Caption size works well, especially for works intended for children.

Great artworks! The game does give “Little Shop of Horror/House of Danger” vibe.