Interactive Fiction's Twitter Bots

I’ve compiled a list of twitter bots made by interactive fiction people. You should recognise several forum regulars amongst them.

It includes bots about interactive fiction (like IF Clue Bot), a bot that recommends interactive fiction (IFDB Sommelier) and bots which generate fiction (like All Alike and others).


Is there an easy way to Twitterize I7? My imaginary game, Garbage Collection, is a random one-line output generator already.

I wish! That would open up so many possibilities.

These are great, I’m following a lot of these, but there were a few I had missed. Thanks for compiling them. Have you made a Twitter list on the actual Twitter website with them? Twitter lists are really useful for collating tweets, and it puts all the follow buttons in one convenient spot.

This is actually possible, with a bit of creativity. I7 can write to file I/O from tables, so you could take the randomized output you want, and have I7 pass them into a table saved to file in the directory. Then all you need is a script (I’d use Python) that connects to your Twitter with the API, that reads from the file and tweets from it. You could build a corpus over time, and the bot can learn to mix and match using a Markov algorithm. Would be fairly simple, in theory. I think the biggest challenge would be getting the file written out by I7 into a format that your Python script likes.

RemGlk, then adapt sleepmask or Don’t need file I/O at all; just read off the game output.

Ah, hadn’t thought of doing that. Good idea.