Interactive Fiction Podcast | Don't Make Me Choose | Looking at 2020 IFComp Submissions

Hi all! :wave:

This is Permanent, host of the Don’t Make Me Choose podcast. I am fairly new to the IF community, and have recently started a podcast centered around IF, streamed live every Saturday at 3PM EST on Twitch, in which we explore various IF works, from classic text CYOA stories, to machine-learning, dynamic storytelling applications, like AI Dungeon! Previous episodes can be found on our YouTube channel… feel free to check them out, and provide feedback (mind the cringe… that should [hopefully] get better as the show develops :stuck_out_tongue:)

In our most recent episodes, we have started a series in which we will be looking at 2020 IFComp submissions, and so far, I have had a lot of fun! We just finished looking at a choice-based text adventure, The Knot, created by Richard Goodness.

Today at 3PM EST, we will be recording Episode 6, live, and will be looking at a parser-based text adventure, Jay Shilling’s Edge of Chaos, created by Robb Sherwin and Mike Sousa.

Of course, the show is called “Don’t Make Me Choose”, so I will be looking for listener participation in chat as we look at the project. Feel free to join the stream at 3PM EST, and let’s explore this project together!

Hope to see you all there :metal:

PS: This is my first post on the forums, so I apologize in advance if this is not the right thread.


Thanks to anyone that popped in!

If you missed the stream and are interested in seeing the episode, feel free to check it out on our YouTube channel. We will pick up with Part 2 next Saturday… same time, same place.

Which 2020 IFComp submissions would you recommend we look at next? Let me know :ok_hand: