Interactive Fiction Mapping Tool?

I want to release a map with my upcoming Inform game (like how Zork was bundle with one) and I need a tool that will map and label the areas, export as an image loaded into a paint program to add drawings here and there.

Trizbort is the most commonly used IF mapping tool, I believe. It can export to an image file, PDF, or even Inform code.


Inform does have a built-in mapper (generates output somewhat similar to the Index -> World tab). You can read about it in the “Releasing” chapter in the Inform docs.

But it will only generate it as an EPS file, which few things other than expensive art apps can read – at least in my experience, most of the free tools that can read it struggle with anything more than a really small map that’ll fit onto one page.

There are some limited options to configure appearance of the map but (in my view) not enough and they don’t always work either. You’re generally expected to only use the file as a base to get all the rooms somewhere and then make manual edits to the file afterwards.

If you’re not on a Windows system, there is also

2 Likes was just updated with support for hand-drawn styles, and a number of bugfixes.