Interactive Fiction Editor for Mobiles!!!

Hi Guys,

Have you tried this tool? I haven’t found a single review:

They even have an app for android and the online version works great on mobile devices:

Please tell me what you think!

Tutorial: … UjiomPlBnM

I just messed around with it a little bit. Is there a way to “play” a game you are “writing” before publishing it? That’s my first complaint if not.

I like the concept of it, but I feel that a large game might get very confusing to write. I like the hybrid nature and that you can make custom verbs.

I saw this comment on the Google Play store from the author “NetPlay Software, September 21, 2016:
Thanks for the feedback Sebastian. Make sure you publish your story as public. This will put you at the top of the new titles category.”

Sounds to me like you can choose to not publish it public until it is ready?

Yes, there is an option to publish in private mode, just select it when publish. I tried it but the link that gave me doesnt work. I wrote to the author about it.

There is also an option to test the game before pusblishing, you can see it in the video:

I just found out that the private option is working. Just select “Private” when publish, then go to the main menu, browse games and choose “My Published games”. You have to be logged in.