Interactive fiction community forum idea

is there a possible way, for an app for the interactive fiction comunity forum, to be created, that way, it could be easier to create a topic and, respond to one. if that were possible, I think it should be for android, and ios Windows and Linux if those last two are possible.


Since it’s a standard free platform, I suspect there are general Discourse apps that can be used even for Perhaps this one: /

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I’m curious, what is wrong with the superb Discourse web app? How would a downloaded app improve upon it?


The forum can be installed as a web app. Depending on your browser there may be a different way to do so. If you use Chrome look for a little plus in a circle in the URL bar.

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I just saw that also and wondered what it was! I figure it essentially just runs a specific website in its own separate window.

This is how it looks in Chrome:
Screen Shot 2020-12-25 at 7.01.43 PM

And I was correct - on Mac it put an icon under Applications > Chrome Apps and that essentially runs the website in a separate window with no URL search bar or icon clutter.

I can’t speak for the topic starter, but I believe the idea is to find a more accessible and screen reader friendly way to interact with the forum.

The Discourse web app is screen reader friendly AFAIK.

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I use the iOS Discourse Hub app for various forums and can recommend it.

I want to thank all of those who have helped me find a better way to access the forum, thanks to those who recommended the Discourse app for ios, I can now find my notifications without browsing through countless emails.


The Hub App is fantastic, agree. The Discourse Forums are still rendered using HTML though so the experience will be otherwise identical to the browser (which imho is a good thing!). The aggregation and notifications are really useful though.