Interactive Fantasy magazine (1994/5) digitised

I’ve just spotted on RPGNow that the 4 issues of this old magazine have been digitised, and are available to download for free, or for paying a user-chosen amount.

They were originally published in 1994 and 1995 by Hogshead Publishing, edited by Andrew Rilstone. The coverage is broad, particularly leaning towards tabletop gaming, but with computer IF / MUD content as well. And they are full of design ideas for people writing interactive stories of all kinds. Well worth a read! Each issue is typically about 160 pages long, though the first issue is a little shorter.

They have been digitised by James Wallis of Hogshead Publishing, and now Magnum Opus Press, and you can find them on RPGNow in the Magnum Opus Press section here:

I have a few of the print issues from back in the day, but it’s great to get these digital versions now.