🍬 Interactive Bonbons

I’d like to announce that my new choice-based game is now available for beta testing.

Now, I realize that most folks on here aren’t too interested in choice-based (or choose-your-path, CYOA) games.

However, it’s exactly for people like you that I wrote this “storygame” because I really wanted to push the envelope.

I had a few objectives in mind when I started work:

  1. To create fun, interactive games that last five minutes or so for whenever you’ve got a lunch break, etc. Interactive Bonbons is a compendium of ten of these games.
  2. Replayability - Furthermore, these games need to be infinitely replayable. Solving puzzles and exploring branches is fun, but not if they’re always exactly the same.
  3. Create independent NPCs - Of course, an “omniscient AI” brain hasn’t yet been built, but I wanted to try building worlds where the NPCs act quite independently. This means a) the player interacting with them dynamically via dialogue b) the NPCs physically moving around from place to place (in a logical fashion, not “teleporting”) c) the NPCs acting “intelligently” when competing against the player and d) the NPCs performing actions “off-screen” independently of the player (and his/her actions).
  4. Take advantage of the fact that most players are on mobile devices to create an analogous experience to those handheld electronic games from the 1980s that a lot of people (including me!) really loved.
  5. Push the boundaries of what a choose-your-path game can do.

That’s a lot to bite off, especially for a collection of ten minigames, but I’m quite happy with how well I did, especially considering that this is my first foray into such a space, but obviously, others may disagree :stuck_out_tongue:

Everything in Interactive Bonbons was written using the standard (vanilla) ChoiceScript language.

Thank you so much!


I think your view might be skewed by all the Parsercomp activity right now. All IF flavors are welcome here. :slight_smile:


I love what you did, and it’s a good demo of what Choice Script can do. If you write an adventure game and want to include a board game, then something like this is good enough.

But for pure board game representation, I want to see the board at all times. That means board and pieces. Can Choice Script do sprite images? That would be nice to have.

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Interesting…I couldn’t figure out the tennis game. I understand the concept but not how to beat it. How does it work?