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I’d like to submit an intent to enter Spring Thing, but the links just point to the Submit page…and I can’t find anywhere on the Submit page to actually submit anything. So I suspect I’m missing something fundamental. How should I do this?

EDIT: Also, it seems I misspelled the title at 1 in the morning. Oh well. I’m leaving it like this.


Please scroll down to “Intent to Enter” on the “Submit” page. There, you will find “submit an intent to enter” as a hyperlink in the last paragraph. This will link you to the form where you can submit your intent.

A direct link to the intent form is here, if that helps. You will need your name, email, a game title, a one-sentence description, the game format and to answer a question that helps keep out bots. There’s also a box for any additional information (such as if you want to enter under an alias).


Hoo boy, that’s impressively terrible design, yeah. It’s a link in the middle of the text under Main Festival and under Back Garden on the submit page. Not near the top nor the bottom of the page, not singled out as special in any way…


EDIT: Ignore. I posted without further investigation. That link does indeed lead to a hard to scan page with the link buried somewhere in the middle of the text. Sorry.

Home page, first point on the “What’s happening now”-list. (Nope. As I said above, leads to a confusingly busy page where you have to microscan for the correct link.)

It’s a test of your ability to play parser IF! Can you find the relevant item in the middle of this description? Or are you just skimming?


It’s a test of your ability to play parser IF! Can you find the relevant item in the middle of this description? Or are you just skimming?

Outside of the parser part, this is quite literally true. It was designed by Aaron to make spam less likely and to make sure people were actually reading the guidelines and not just skimming.

A different website design wouldn’t bother me, but that’s not something I feel confident in doing, as I have never received positive feedback on website designs and have frequently received negative feedback. So if anyone reading this wants to submit a one-off site redesign, I’m all ears.


Thank you! That is indeed what I was missing!

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Did it work?


I’ve never gotten spam, and usually when people submit a game that’s inappropriate they already know that it is and ask if this edge case is okay (like a game that reworks or expands a pre-existing game). I do not have a base case to compare it to, though. I could post it on the front page next year to see if it makes any difference.


If the design feature is intentional, should I delete my direct link to the intent form in here, or do you think it’s in a sufficiently obscure position to not increase spam?


I think finding the link in a thread on a forum that emphasizes reading the rules is about equally as obscure as the current method so I think it’s fine.