Instruction Set

A medium-length, limited-parser, puzzle-based game written in an unusual programming language. I’ve posted a review of it at my blog here.

Liked the game. Interesting little story with puzzles that are well known but had an interesting presentation so that I made my way through them until the point where I wanted to see the ending.

2 problems that I had with it were:

  • game froze when I selected a different tab in my browser, had to reactivate it by going out and into fullscreen again (that’s probably not a problem specific to this game)
  • the shift instruction in level 6 is not correctly explained by “help shift”, the examples listed are “shift list1 up/down” while it’s actually “shift drop up/down”. Other examples work with actual list names instead of a variable like $list1
    the 2nd problem was really annoying because I wanted to read the story but at the same time was really wondering what I did wrong. The walkthrough helped me understanding the shift instruction

I understand that the console input is limited but at one point I would have liked to change my cursor position with left/right to correct some misspelling which I couldn’t do.

Instruction Set has a dependency on Flash viewers in your web browser.

While most have been able to run the game without problem, there have been a couple reports of it running very slowly. If you are running in an environment with poor Flash support (Linux, old browsers, old Flash plug-ins) and see game play lag please try the game in another environment if possible.

Sorry for the inconvenience.