Instead of unlocking rule

I have been using the instead of rule successfully for other situations, but I can’t get it to work for unlocking … here is my sample code:

Instead of unlocking bedroom window: say "using the knife blade you pry open the window."; bedroom window is unlocked.

Thank you for any help or advice.

To set a property in Inform 7 you need to use “now”.

now the bedroom window is unlocked

Thank you for the reply. But the problem is in the the instead part of the code.

Inform 7 says …
Problem. You wrote ‘Instead of unlocking bedroom window’ , which seems to introduce a rule taking effect only if the action is ‘unlocking bedroom window’. But that did not make sense as a description of an action. I am unable to place this rule into any rulebook.

It doesn’t seem to recognize “unlocking” …
Any other ideas.

The action in Inform 7 takes two objects, as in “>UNLOCK WINDOW WITH KEY”.

Instead of unlocking the bedroom window with the knife blade:

Thank you so much. That is exactly what I needed to realize.