Instead of doing something other than taking inventory...

I’m trying to block everything other than looking, waiting, examining, and taking inventory, thus:

Lab is a room. A banana is in Lab.
The player carries an apple and a pear.

Instead of doing something other than looking, taking inventory, examining, and waiting:
say “All you can do is look at stuff, including stuff in your inventory.”[/code]

But I wind up blocking taking inventory too; when I type “i” I get the block message. With rules and actions on:

Any idea what’s happening? (I’m using 5Z71, in case this is a bug that’s been fixed.)

Fixed in 6E59.

I’m using command line i7 6E72 for Linux, and it seems to work perfectly fine. Here’s my output for the same code under the same conditions:

( ignore the first line of output, that’s just how the command-line interpreter prints the status line )

I do remember having problems with similar rules in 5Z71. In fact, I remember there being an example in the documentation that used a similar structure that I couldn’t reproduce in it.

Thanks. This particular example can be solved by a kludge, so I guess I won’t have to worry about it after I update.

Just out of curiosity, anyone know what the bug was? Which I guess means “Can you explain what was causing it in a way I’d understand?”

Not a clue, beyond “bad code”. :slight_smile: