INSTEAD manager release

@jhekasoft from the INSTEAD community has released the INSTEAD Manager 2 today, see here.

It is a good tool with a modern UI that can be used to download and play INSTEAD games. The Windows and OS X versions are combined with the latest engine version. (Linux repos usually already have the engine package, look for “sdl-instead”.)


It includes the official and two “unofficial” repositories by default. The official repository contains community approved, GPL-compatible games. The unofficial repos are… well, almost everything that was released so far, including metaparser games, fan ports and fan fiction. It is a specialized download manager that can automatically download and update games in your library. Don’t forget to select “en” in the language dropdown menu. Any new game release on this engine (except for adult works) will be immediately placed into the unofficial repository.

P.S. At the moment there are eight games in English (Kayleth and “Am I a monster?” erroneously are not reported for the filter), one Polish, one Spanish and one Japanese.