Installing TADS3 on OpenSuse (Wine)

I would like to have the full workbench available on my OpenSuse / Xfce, not just a command line version, since I made my first steps with TADS already and on a windows system. I installed the windows files in WINE, it starts fine, but then there is an “stack trace unavailable” error and the player stays empty. Any suggestions how to solve that?

Any other suggestions to get something workbench like (debugger, GUI) for Linux Desktop?

No, sorry. Wine + Workbench under Linux is sufficiently exotic that I doubt you’ll find many others running that configuration.

If you’re set on Workbench and you have a Windows license, you could always run inside a VM (with Virtualbox, VMWare, etc).

VirtualBox and VMWare can run Windows regardless of whether you have a Windows license or not. :mrgreen:

I am not that fixed on the workbench, that I would not try something else. I installed frobTads (but did not yet find a guide how to use it in command line) and fear, that i will get totally lost in a pile of paper doing the organisational part and keeping the overview… and i will miss the debug mode…

I got several Windows licences form 3.11 to 7professional, I am just glad not to have to use it at home any more… but that sounds like a plan, could use the windows handwriting recognition then, too.

The Guide doesn’t mention that you can build using “t3make” instead of “t3make -f MyGame.t3m” if you name your makefile “Makefile.t3m”.

Btw, you might be able to get a free copy of CrossOver from here:

It might run Workbench better than Wine. (CrossOver is based on Wine, but has more stuff already set-up so the chances of Workbench running out of the box are higher.)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Will try the 14-day-trial until they know if enough pledged to vote.

I get the same “stack trace unavailable” error in worbench and an empty player. If i chose the tutorial file when creating a new story it should have minimal rooms already? Does anyone know what that error is supposed to tell me?

Tads3 workbench runs, compiles, … in most recent Crossover!

That is, for classic TADS3 games, the web-browser based version of a story produces an error when compiled + run.