Installing a second Inform

I could just try, but before I run into trouble I thought I’d better ask -

when I install a second Inform into a second folder, will both versions run smoothly afterwards, or would they interfere and cause trouble?

(The second one would be the 2010 German version, for to my knowledge the German lib is not compatible with newer Inform versions.)

I have multiple versions of Inform installed, and have never had an issue.


If you install Inform through the Mac App Store, it wants to upgrade your existing version if possible. This makes it a nuisance to maintain several versions.

But if you just download them off the web site, there’s no problem. I’ve got about fifteen of them.

Well, that’s a bit extreme, but yeah, I managed to install my German demo room and the “normal” Inform 7 still runs, so I’m one happy camper.

It’s extremely pointless. Half of these don’t run on my current Mac, and I don’t even remember the difference between the four different 6M62 builds.

But if someone asks a question about what the Standard Rules said in 6L02, I have the info at hand.