InsideADRIFT #41

Announcing the release of InsideADRIFT, issue #41. Figured I’d post about it here since posting in the Other Development Systems area seem about as useful as any chucking it into a black hole. A link can be found through some of the associated games (Cut the Red Wire, Ambassador to Dupal, Can You Stand Up) or through the Adventures page on the ADRIFT website (most easily found sorted by date).

Please do check it out. Thanks.

Well, since you’re announcing a release which contains games, I’d say you’re posting in the right place. :wink:

Indeed, that was the other half of my thinking. Also, the link for the new issue is here.
(download 1330 as opposed to 1284, which is the newer version of Cursed… which is also worth a download, of course)

The link from the IFDB listing for Cut the Red Wire . . . doesn’t seem to be working. I keep getting a 404 error.

Robert Rothman

Bowsmand: Whoops! Sorry, I was putting up the new version of Cursed on IFDB at the time and my clipboard got mixed up! I meant to quote some of your post.

Rothman: I think that’s because when they were added, they didn’t have the “http://” bit. People often mess up the download links, I’ve found. Perhaps some sort of guide is in order…

Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Should be fixed now.