Inputting numbers

This is probably really basic, but in TADS2 how do i allow a player to input a number i.e. “How many meals do you want to buy?”; Input(); doesn’t work because what is input is just read as a text string.

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I’m not sure how many active T2 users are on here… hopefully someone knows!

I don’t know much tads2 either but this is somewhat universal across several languages. There’s a function called cvtnum that you could use to convert text to a number.

In the c language this would be balled atoi and you can use the isdigit function to verify that the input is a number before trying to convert it.

I don’t know if there is a isdigit equivalence in tads2 but you could do equally well with regular expressions.

So in theory since this is untested code:

userInput :=  input();
result := reSearch('[0-9]+', userInput)
if(result <> nil) {
   asNumber := cvtnum(result[3]);
} else {
  // not a number

(cvtstr does the reverse by the way, number->string)

In TADS3 the function is toInteger(str). Might be worth a try? I haven’t looked at TADS2 to in 25 years or more, sorry.

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