Inline Hyperlinks not working as expected

I’m using Inform 7 6L38, and Erik Temple’s Inline Hyperlinks. I don’t know whether it’s because I’m tired and have missed part of the documentation or something, but the following:

Before reading a command: say "It was on a Thursday you did [link]your first one[as]n[end link]."

appears as “It was on a Thursday you did n.” Am I missing something?

This sidesteps the question… but I also had issues with that extension while writing my last little game, and I ended up using Inline Hyperlinks by Daniel Stelzer instead. You may be able to just swap them out, depending on what you’re using it for.

UPDATE: OK, you can look below here to see why Erik Temple’s version of Inline Hyperlinks has this behavior on newer versions of Inform, but I took a closer look at Inline Hyperlinks by Daniel Stelzer and it’s Erik’s version updated for newer versions, including the “substituted text” trick I talk about below. So go use that, here. (Right-click on the “raw” button and choose “Save as…” or whatever.)

[rant=redundant]The problem seems to be that (since Inline Hyperlinks was last updated for 6F95) there are a few places where it needs to say “the substituted form.” Basically, in some places it sets a variable equal to “[captured text]”–but in the newer versions of Inform this dynamically tracks “[captured text]” rather than setting the variable to whatever the value of “[captured text]” is at the moment.

So that particular substitution loads “your first one” into “[captured text]”, sets the text to display for the link to “[captured text]”, and then loads “n” into “[captured text]” and sets the command text for the link to “[captured text]”–but now both the display text and the command text are set to whatever “[captured text]” happens to be at the moment, which is “n”. But the substituted form of “[captured text]” gets whatever “[captured text]” is at that moment and stops tracking it, which is what we want.

I fear that was extremely unclear! Anyway, I did a quick patch by inserting “the substituted form” where it seemed like it needed to go and have attached that. This is an extreme rush job so use with care![/rant]

Oh! Yeah, I was actually seeing if I could use something similar to what you did in left/right.

I’ll give it a go!

Thank you both for your help!

I looked at Inline Hyperlinks by Daniel Stelzer, which I should’ve done before posting, and it’s the updated version of Inline Hyperlinks by Erik Temple, including the modification I made. So ignore my post (I edited it and removed my file) and go get Daniel Stelzer’s version.

Sorry about this! We are working on a new extension site so it won’t be so messy and confusing to find versions of extensions that work with the version of Inform, but it’s a work in progress and this extension isn’t on it yet.

Ooh, didn’t know about that - admittedly haven’t been keeping up with Inform 7 news too much - but that does seem like a large chunk of work that needs doing, keep it up! :smiley: