Inky: an Ink IDE, with web-format export

Hey all!

Ink, the open-source choice-game authoring script used for 80 Days, is now available open source - and it now has an IDE, Inky, for Windows / Mac, with syntax and error highlighting, and an Inform 7-style play/replay window, and a few nifty shortcuts (ctrl+click on a word in the play window and it’ll take you to that line of the source code, for instance; great for fixing typos!)

Inky also has an “export for web” option, which saves off a mini-site you can publish. The default is very lightly styled, but it’s structured to be easily hackable - both in terms of the styling of the game, and the actual game system itself.

Here’s an example of the default skin running out demo story, The Intercept. (

Speaking personally, the IDE has slightly transformed my ability to write in ink, and I’ve been using the language for four years or so.

The repo is here (


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Awesome, great work, Jon!

Programmers at my day job have been watching Ink developments with Great Interest.

That’s really good to hear :wink:

All kudos for inky goes to Joe, my inkler-in-crime, who accidentally built it while on holiday.


Send Joe on holiday more often!

Thanks so much for including export to web!