Inklewriter is back!

Glad to see it! Inklewriter in its past incarnation was a simple, visual, “play as you write” interface with Inkle’s special brand of magic for small or moderate-length choice narratives. In my experience, it bogged down a bit for larger stories, but check it out:

Via @mathbrush:


2019? Is this a new announcement or an old one? :thinking:

Edit: The link works so it must be just a mistake in the date, I guess.

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Yay! Inklewriter always seemed like the easiest system to pick up.

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I was a little confused by:

That said, please do not use a high-value password for your inklewriter account. Security on the internet can never be fully guaranteed.

Surely, they mean do use a high-value (by which I assume they mean strong) password, even though over-the-net security is comparatively poor?


I think by high-value, they mean a password which you also use for other services and websites, especially for “important” ones like e-mail, Amazon, Paypal etc.; because if inklewriter’s security was breached and your password became known, then all those other accounts could be compromised as well. (Although, with a properly hashed and salted password storing scheme, that risk could be mitigated.)

Ah, thanks. Yes that does make sense.