[Inklewriter] Error relating to counter?

So, I’ve just started writing an interactive story a few days ago on inklewriter and currently, I am having a problem relating to the counter.

It’s the type of counter used to increase your intimacy with a character and when I read my story, it increases and decreases just fine according to the markers that I have wrote.
However, when I try to use it in a choice, it doesn’t seem to detect those counters as I can’t click either of my choices.

(I added if not = 0 for the sake of seeing whether the choices think that the counter is 0, and apparently it is.)

I’m so sorry if this is actually just a minor mistake I have made and I want to thank anyone who replies greatly for taking the time to answer. I’m still new to this so it would help me a lot by teaching me how to fix this, even if it is nothing big.



Can you private message /email me the share link of the story and I’ll take a quick look.


(@ inklestudios.com)