Inkle looking for short interactive stories for upcoming game (paid)

Hey all!

Hope everyone is well. We’ve just announced a new little thing - a fun diversion, hopefully! - looking for short “campfire tales” to include in our upcoming narrative strategy game, Pendragon.

Full details are here:

(I’m not often on this board so questions here might get missed; but there’s an email address in the doc, and Twitter and our Discord channel are quick ways to ask questions.)

(PS. Hope the mods are happy with this being in “competitions”, it seemed the closest fit.)


I had fun writing a story for this, but the true value to this for me was seeing how Ink scripting works.

I’m not 100% sure this isn’t just a plot from Inkle to get everyone to try using Ink for once, but if it is I’m very happy with the results.


I’ve heard from plenty of people who loooooOOoooove Ink and use it all the time. Which is awesome. I really like it as well, but it’s more of a modular tool for bigger things. I think it meshes well with Unity. And as with this request, it lets writers produce material that can be easily slotted into a larger project.