Ink Visual Novel template & talk (tonight!)

@AdventureSnack and I adapted the code from Fix Your Mother’s Printer and released an easy-to-use visual novel style template for Ink on the web.

If you’re not doing US holiday things this evening, and would like to see the two of us goofing around having a grand old time demonstrating what it does and how to use it, Toronto’s Hand Eye Society is streaming our talk on their Twitch channel at 6:30 PM EST (11:30 PM UTC) as part of their online SuperFESTival (that site may be a little hard on the eyes: it’s pretty garish).

If you click through to Stream on the SuperFEST site you can see the whole schedule: after we’re done there’ll be a brief montage of puzzle games, and then Julia Minamata is giving an introduction to making point-and-click adventures with AGS.

And then they have more talks and game showcases every evening this week: tomorrow Shawn Alexander Allen is talking about What Indie Games Can Learn from Indie Rap, for instance.


There have been a number of great talks so far at Super FESTival. I really liked the Indiepocalypse round table! They talked about the pitfalls of distributing indie games. If tomorrow wasn’t Thanksgiving (it’s a Canadian festival), I’d be watching the talk on making screensavers.

Anyway, check out Josh and I tonight. Let’s make tiny VNs for the web!