Init variables etc

Hello there.

Im a new user, background mostly in OOP developement. So i think too much how to optimize it instead of making it just work.

Everything here is just wierd for me.

However, i love this stuff. Makes my life easier and gives time and efforst for the important thing, story telling.

Im used to set up a init file, where i declare all variables and so. Now im bit confused. What is the best way to initialise all necessary variables etc. in this case?

External file, or add them to part of first scene of story?

Thanks, EK

I think that almost has to depend on the language you’re thinking of using. There are a good number of them. I don’t know current statistics, but Twine would appear to rule the roost in non-parser fiction, and for parser fiction I believe you’re looking at Inform 7, TADS3, Adrift, ZIL, Inform 6, Dialog, and likely many others I can’t think of at the moment. Given that many of these have their own forums, it might be pertinent to take your question there, or just to the general Authoring section.

Oh, sorry. This got in wrong place. Ill try to get this in right place this time. Thanks:)

Which category should it go in? We can move it now, no problem.

It was supposed to go at Twinery. Though i allready started new topic there so basicly its ok if you just delete this one.

Thanks, EK