inform7: trying to go to one room but ending up in another

instead of going to the Enemy Town when ive stolen a sword from the blacksmith shop a scene play out then the town blindfolds me and brings me to a runins that ive never been before. how can i do this?

basically if you take the sword from the blacksmith shop and go back to town you end up somewhere elce.

Check for the player going to the Enemy Town. If the sword is stolen, print the text you want, and then move the player to the ruins.

No, this isn’t actual code, but it’s also a couple different things going on here. Which one is it you’re having trouble with?

if my character has the sword and goes back to town i want to end up in a ruins instead

To move the player you can simply move player to RoomName .

that easy eh thanks i will try that

Or to give you a more complete solution:

Instead of going east in SomeRoom when the player carries foo, move player to Ruins.

The parts here are:

Instead of going

This is the action you want to capture

when the player carries

Check for the carried thing.

move player to

Move the player.

Printing the text about the blindfold and so on is left as an exercise for you.

(Oh, and I found the syntax for moving the player by simply searching the documentation for “move player”.)

Edit: And please do attempt to write properly. It makes things easier for the rest of us, particularly those of us who are not native speakers of English. Your posts are harder to read than most.

i searched lots of things but never thought of that thanks

If you have difficulty writing English text for your game, I recommend finding a volunteer to edit it for you. That could potentially add a lot to your players’ impressions of it.