Inform7 -- text completion?


Is anyone aware of an extension or other way to emulate something like bash’s text completion?

One alternative option is to go for closed menus (as for some of the CYOA-type games). But I’m wondering if it’d make it more open but still relatively easy for some end-users if the interface helped them select their commands.

Hope that makes sense…


Check out Jon Ingold’s The Colder Light. It uses the (Glulx-only) extension Interactive Parsing, which provides autocomplete-by-tab.

Thank you, I’ll take a look.

Darn. I ended up in a maze of dependencies that still need updating for 6L02 (although I’m using 6L38). I’ll see if I can make sense of the problems.

It’s possible that there are newer versions of his extensions on GitHub. If I were you I’d ask around.

You could also get the old version of Inform that it does work with, if you don’t need the new features.