Inform7: Reoccuring room descriptions

Hey guys!

I’ve finished the majority of my game and now i’m running through it trying to sort out any problems/bugs that have occured. One of them (i stupidly didn’t address before) is that when the player decides to “look around the room” or “X bedroom” as is the case as the moment the output message is “you can’t see any such thing”.

So basically I’m asking how I can allow the player to look at the room’s description that they’re in as many times as they want without that error message coming up

cheers guys

If you have a look at Aaron Reed’s ‘Small Kindnesses’ extension, it adds that facility to your game, assuming the room names behind the scenes are the same room names the player would type. It also adds lots of other things. You may want all of them or just some, but either way, it can show you how to do what you’re talking about. … index.html

Can i just say that you’re a legend. im two weeks away from deadline and you saved me hours of banging my head against a tired wall :slight_smile: thankyou!

While that extension might allow things like ‘look around’ and such, it just makes them aliases for the command ‘look’ which already allows the player to ‘view the room’ as often as they want.

The real legend here is Aaron Reed. -flutters eyelids-