Inform7 iPad port?

i don’t think such thing will be implemented quickly but for the sake of asking,
will there be an Inform7 version for iPad (so no more computer would be needed to write games.
It is easier to bring along an iPad on the go and work with it than a notebook, even a macbook air.

This has come up before. I’m not sure what the status of programming apps on the iPad is these days. (There was a well-publicized rejection in early 2010 – the Scratch programming language – but Apple has since changed their app store guidelines to be friendlier to interpreted languages.)

The direct answer is that nobody is working on such a thing.

Inform is an interpreted language but not the software itself. Anyway I don’t think this is a problem as of today as you says.
Thank you for your reply.

One possibility for moving in this direction is I7 as a web service. Port the IDE to Javascript, run it on a server that can accept I7 compile jobs and post the games as Parchment on the fly.

If you could invoke the I7 compiler via a web API, you could also implement a middle ground: an iPad native IDE which exports the code to the server for compilation. You’d need a live internet connection to use it, but it would probably be more comfortable than a web app. (Mike Sugarbaker pointed me at CodeToGo, an iOS app that does this with a bunch of programming languages, although not I6 or I7.)