Inform7 Extensions

I have just downloaded I7 and am trying to write my first IF. My query is about accessing extensions. I can click on the list, and read the info about each extension, but how do I get to use it in my story? I’m pretty sure it will be something simple and obvious but I can’t see it. Can anyone help? Thank you. Mike.

You need to add a line to your source code: “Include [Extension] by [Author].” For example, your code might look like this.

Test Project by Mike

Include Metric Units by Graham Nelson.

The greenhouse is a room.

It’s conventional to do this at the top of the file, but it doesn’t really matter where you put it.

Thank you for your reply. I should have mentioned that I want to use Locksmith by Emily Short. If I enter that at the top of the code, the question then is, where is the door locking/unlocking code that the extension offers? How do I incorporate it into my code?

If you add that line, all the definitions and rules from the extension are included into your game. So after that you can create “passkeys” and write rules for “keyless unlocking” as though they were part of the Standard Rules.

Thank you again. I must be missing something because I still can’t see how I can find out what new definitions and rules have become available. Are they listed somewhere?

They’re described in the extension documentation, in the “Extensions” tab.

Found it!! Thank you for your help.