Inform7 displaying Figure only when asked

4 hour newbie, but learning plenty. I can get the following to display an image of Kitchen easy enough:

"Kitchen is north of Dining Room

Figure of Kitchen is the file “sa-sportsbar.jpg”

After looking in the Kitchen: display Figure of Kitchen; continue the action"

Question - how can I set a command so that figures only display when the player types a command, for example “show me pic” in each room?

The easiest way is to create a new action.

Visual looking is an action out of world applying to nothing. Understand "pic" or "picture" or "show pic/picture" as visual looking.

If you’re going to do this for every room, you can make the image a new property.

A room has a figure name called the visualization. The visualization of a room is usually the Figure of Default Room.
Figure of Default Room is the file "null.jpg". [This can be anything you want, it won't be displayed.]

Carry out visualizing:
    if the visualization of the location is the Figure of Default Room, say "Sorry, there is no image for this location.";
    otherwise display the visualization of the location.

Draconis, I greatly appreciate the quick help - worked like a charm - thank you