Inform6 programming in DOS

Hi i have no previous experience of inform 6. (But i have used inform7 for some time). I would like to start using it, but exclusivity in dos or win 3.11. My question: Is there a informpack set up with compiler and interpreter set up? Maybe you already have a “portable” zip or something that you would like to share with me? Like the one i saw for win32 (

Most .z8 works great on my 33mhz and 4 mb ram box, and i hope that inform6 will as well :slight_smile:

It looks like the latest available for DOS is 6.30. When I finish up with 6/12 of the Library and the Inform6 for Unix package done, I’ll prepare one for DOS.

Thank you so very much!! I’m looking into manuals about Inform 6 now. Will it come set up with a text editor? When you have created a DOS-package is this the place where i will get to know about it? (Or is there some other page where i can go and look for it?). When do you think it might be finished roughly? (A few days, a few weeks or a few months?). Thank you!

I’ll announce it here and on Usenet. It won’t include an editor. Just choose your favorite DOS-based text editor. I don’t know when it’ll be done. It all depends on how long it takes for betatesting 6/12 and getting the Unix Inform6 compiler out the door. I guess maybe a month.

I wrote my first game (in 1999) in a DOS machine using Inform 6. There’s no reason why you need to wait for the new release – the existing release should work extremely well. There are several websites that give good information about using I6. Roger Firth’s Inform FAQ was still online the last time I looked, and Marnie Parker (aka Doe) also has some pages with tips, and of course the Designer’s Manual (aka DM4) is extremely helpful. There are, in addition, dozens of I6 extensions in the IF Archive.

I6 is not exactly a modern IF development system, but you can certainly write full-featured games with it. It has the advantage that compiled game files tend to be more compact than I7 files, which may be an issue if you hope to see people playing your games on their phone – or, for that matter, on 33MHz DOS computers with 4MB of RAM!

Thank you both very much for the support!
It is now working out well.
Compiling a a few bigger sources takes
some 30 seconds or so. Not that very painful at all.

All the best!