Inform / z8 Multi-Platform Compiler?

Perhaps there is something out there for this and I haven’t seen it, but is there a program that can compile Inform/Z-Code/z8 into independent files for multiple platforms. (EXE, DMG, DEB, TAR.GZ, etc.)

Every time someone asks this, I think I remember a Windows interpreter that has this capability, but I’m never sure because I don’t use Windows.

It’s a perfectly reasonable idea, at least for Windows and Mac. (On Linux you’re going to be installing an interpreter and game file somewhere, so it might as well be a generic interpreter package.) It’s never been available as a one-button-all-platforms tool, though.

I imagined I’d have to use multiple programs. I also do not use Windows, but Wine will work I guess… I’ll try to do some research I guess. (I’ll post a link if I find it)