Inform Standard Library 6.12.7 released

Version 6.12.7 (10 April 2024)

This is a maintenance release focusing almost entirely on bug fixes.

Bugs fixed

  • Reworked list of verbs. Some game verbs did not respect the alphabetical order (the verb ‘throw’ in particular).

  • Fixed problem with lt_value is set too late for list_together.

  • Fixed TRANSFER aborting if a custom LetGo routine is involved.

  • Removed useless “retval” that caused unreachable code warnings when compiling to Glulx.

  • Optimized Dword__No() and No__Dword() to avoid needless recomputing.

  • This release is dedicated to the memory of Archturiat Baumann.
    (April 10, 1970 - April 3, 2024)

The package is currently available at and at the IF Archive soon.

I’ve been a bit out of sorts lately. Some of that has been due to the declining health and passing of a close friend of mine, Arcturiat Baumann, for whom I have dedicated this release.