Inform Standard Library 6.12.2 released

I’ve just now tagged and pushed version 6.12.2 of the Inform Standard Library. Nothing particularly earthshaking is included, just a bunch of bugfixes. Here’s the Changelog:

  • Removed last vestiges of modules.
  • Fixed problem with invalid wordnum in Refers and NextWord.
  • Moved some responses to verbs into the language file.
  • Added notes about language-customized code for banner, version, and error messages.
  • Fixed tenses problems in CTheyreorThats().
  • Fixed problem with ImplicitOpen() calling after routines on wrong object.
  • Backported Glulx 16-bit verb numbers from I7’s Parser.i6t
  • Patched up infix.h with 16-bit Glulx verbnums, even though Glulx doesn’t support Infix. Maybe someday Glulx will support it.

The Git repo at is current. I’ll be uploading tars and zips to the IF Archive later tonight. Tomorrow I’ll update the Inform6 for Unix package.