Inform not in list of programming languages by type on Wikipedia

I notice that Inform - Wikipedia exists, and List of programming languages by type - Wikipedia exists, but Inform (any version) is not listed in the latter page. What category/categories do people think it belongs in?

It would vary between Inform 6 and Inform 7.

Inform 6 is a procedural language and object-oriented.

By contrast Inform 7 is a natural language programming language and is primarily declarative in the sense that you generally don’t write out algorithms, but define rules.

So yup, procedural and object-oriented for Inform 6. Declarative and natural language for Inform 7.

Of those the Wikipedia languages page only has main sections for procedural, object-oriented and declarative.

Anyone can sign up to edit Wikipedia.

P.S. this answer is given in my capacity as a former academic computer scientist.


And, pretty much anyone can edit pages in Wikipedia. If you think something needs to be added or modified, you can do it.

Sure, sure. I was more interested in people’s feelings about what types the two languages should go under. Thanks @vivdunstan.