Inform not detecting sitting action in before rule


Apologies for an extremely basic question but I can’t understand why I’m getting the following error:

Problem. You wrote ‘Before sitting on the jagged crag’, which seems to introduce a rule taking effect only ‘sitting on the jagged crag’. But this does not look like an action, since there is no sign of a participle ending ‘-ing’ (as in ‘taking the brick’, say) - which makes me think I have badly misunderstood what you intended.

from the following code:

Before sitting on the jagged crag:
	if the player does not carry the paper scrap:
		now the player carries the paper scrap;
		say "As you sit down, you notice a scrap of paper and pick it up."

Surely the ‘sitting’ provides the ‘ing’ ending that Inform says it cannot find? Please could anyone explain what’s going wrong here as I can’t seem to figure it out?

Thank you!

The names of actions as you refer to them in your code and the names of the commands don’t necessarily have anything to do with each other. The sitting on something command corresponds to the entering action.


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Amazing! Thank you so much. I knew it would be the word used but didn’t know of this list and was trying other phrases with no success. Great to have these linked lists - thank you!

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Also, just watch out - the code you have here will give the player the paper again and again if they put it somewhere and sit again. You probably want to remember if it has already been given out and only do it once.