Inform manuals?

Hello, all:

I am wondering if there are any additional Inform 7 manuals than what is included with the compiler. I have “The Inform Handbook” by Jim Aikin and “Inform 7 Programmer’s Manual” by Ron Newcomb and “Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7” by Aaron Reed.

I just am in awe of people and the knowledge they have that I can’t seem to find in books. Is it worthwhile to read Graham Nelson’s “The Inform Designer’s Manual”, which details how to use Inform 6.

Thank you in advance.


This resource from this forum is likely a good place if you need anything. I use the Inform Handbook and Programmer’s Manual too. There’s also the Rules Action Reference, which is less useful for me right now but I have saved anyways just in case. It may also be useful to read the Standard Rules to see how Graham Nelson coded the basics. Most people here with knowledge got it from experience, and when I need help with something I use the power of the collective mind for support.

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